Here And Now

Credit: TimTom

“An invigorating look at our new potentials, Here and Now
draws a comprehensive and strong picture of the processes and directions
of change we are currently involved in. Pinpointing the strategies
and tools that will help us to provoke a radically new thinking,
a new living, in a better future, this book offers large answers and
big solutions.”
The International Book Review

“A powerful, alarming book … deserves to be widely read.” E.D. Young

How do we want to live in the future? Ranging from the apocalypse to
utopia, from battle cries to user manuals the multitude of answers in
recent publications seems to suggest that we are living again in times
that ask for rigorous instructions and guidelines, for prophets and visionaries.
We need to know where we are heading. Using the format of a fictitious book
presentation the performance Here and Now takes a deeper look at this
longing, asking who are the sages of our time and what is it that we wish
to hear from them.

Artistic Direction/Performance: Anna Mendelssohn
Directing: Sarah Moeremans
Music/Sound: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
Harp: Katharina Hofbauer
Violin: Matteo Haitzmann
Stage: Stefanie Wilhelm,
Production: Bernhard Seyringer
Coproduced by: Tanzquartier Wien, HAU Berlin; Supported by: Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, bm:ukk; With the support of: PACT Zollverein (Essen)

From The Press:

Anna Mendelssohn’s „Here and Now“ in Tanzquartier Vienna – „Back to the Future“ jokes the fictitious author Anna Mendelssohn embodies, as she presents her book Here and Now in Tanzquartier Vienna. The audience laughs. Enthusiastic about herself the lecturer has deviated. Now she recalls her actual topic: Where are we going?
With Here and Now - directed by Sarah Moeremans – the charismatic Viennese performer Anna Mendelssohn put forward her newest work. A monologue, such as Cry Me A River, her sweeping and award-winning Solo-Climate-Conference from 2010. - This time about a fictitious author presenting a fictitious new publication containing genuine predictions about the future.
…Mendelssohn’s author is a scientist. She has brought a harpist (Katharina Hofbauer) and a violinist (Matteo Haitzmann) to her stage – designed by Stefanie Wilhelm – whose background is dominated by an eerie solar eclipse. The future will bring an omnipresence of computer chips, do-it-yourself-technologies, self-organised communities, and so on.
The ambivalent figure, the interesting topic, the friction-friendly realisation – no doubt the production Here and Now is well made. …

Helmut Ploebst, Der Standard, 21th of October, 2013