Amazon - River Deep

Credit: TimTom

This is Sophie’s last session at shopaholics anonymous. Sophie is not only a shopaholic, she also suffers under techno-stress, data asphyxiation, information fatigue syndrome, cognitive overload, and time famine. She has decided to leave it all behind, to disconnect from the grid, return to the jungle, unplug and connect with nature. She is going to the Amazon….
Amazon - River Deep is a modern fable. It’s one woman’s story about life in an age in which the Internet has lost its narrative of equal access and sharing and has become dominated by winner-take-all companies that are now monopolizing vast swaths of our information economy.

Artistic Direction: Anna Mendelssohn
Text: Anna Mendelssohn and Yosi Wanunu
Directing: Yosi Wanunu
Performance: Anna Mendelssohn
Lights: Jan Maertens
Production: Bernhard Seyringer for Miss Amen

COPRODUCTION: Tanzquartier Wien
Supported by: Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien MA 7 and bm:ukk

From the Press:

Sophie is a shopaholic. Lucky for her she can attend Shopaholics Anonymous sessions. Even better for the audience of Tanzquartier Vienna that the brilliant Viennese performer and actress Anna Mendelssohn, in her new solo show Amazon – River Deep, turns the madness of this addiction into a truly spine tingling event. Sitting in the round, with Mendelssohn as Sophie and her fellow sufferer Yosi Wanunu – he contributed to the text and directed the piece – we learn how such an addiction can arise. Sophie for example found herself at the source: she was a very early employee at But we learn this only at a later stage in Mendelssohn’s one-hour-long english monologue, the account of a dependant, who plans her escape into the jungle.
When Amazon was founded in 1994 there was still much idealism concerning global communication, sharing and trading. Sophie describes how one could, already in 1989, be aware of the fact that the world would be less changed by the German reunion than by Tim Berners- Lees Hypertext-Code. What the British computer scientist began developing at Cern today constitutes the basic principles of the internet.
Amazon – River Deep starts at the beginning of the hangover. The envisioned sharing of everything with everyone has turned into a dark moloch. A war that seeks all encompassing manipulation is raging. Sophie belongs to those who sacrificed her private life assisting in the breeding of this dystopia and whose shopping addiction now presents compensation. Thereby Mendelssohn does not formulate an accusation but the convincing outline of a global problem.

Helmut Ploebst, der Standard, 28th October, 2016

Amazon - River Deep Trailer from Miss Amen on Vimeo.